New store sample: Cladonia December 30, 2011 – Posted in: Store Samples

The Cladonia shawl by Kirsten Kapur has been in my cue for a while and, over the holidays, I took some time to work this lovely pattern with some equally lovely fingering weight yarn from SweetGeorgia.

While the original pattern calls for two different colours for a definite striping effect, I was torn between the modern look of the stripes and the sophistication of a more monochromatic look per some single colour versions of the shawl I had seen on Ravelry. I ultimately decided to split the difference and settled on two moderately contrasting shades of green (Lettuce Wrap and Botanical) in CashLuxe Fine.  Both the pattern and the yarn were a pleasure to work with.  CashLuxe Fine contains 20% cashmere which gives a wonderfully soft hand to the final product.  That said, this shawl may spend more time traveling around with me than in the store but I’ll try to be good and keep it there for now…

– Melissa