Bead it January 2, 2012 – Posted in: Mondays with Mona

First, Happy 2012 everyone! The new year didn’t come with a ‘swoosh’ (I always expect that, it has never happened) but crept in calmly and quietly. I’ll have to remind myself to write 2012 for a while, wonder how it can be 2012 at all – then by mid January I’m over that and accept that time just goes by at its own rate.

As announced in last weeks’ post I have actually sat down and introduced beads into my knitting. I did not do it as described in the pattern, I tried and did not like it, so I thought up my own version – which might have been used elsewhere already, I do not know. This does not mean that the way it is done in the pattern is a bad way, it is just a different way.

Scarf is not blocked yet – it is not for naught called ‘Before and After’.

Since I liked the idea of having beads just on the edge of the knit, I strung up the number of beads needed and placed them during casting on. Using the long-tail cast-on made it easy and I think it looks great. If you wonder why my scarf looks so small, well, it is because it is small. I realized that I didn’t have the whole ball of Silky Alpaca Lace left and decided to make a trial version before diving into the actual size business. The colour is more suited for my daughter anyways, so small is really a good thing. I am also waiting for a shipment of beads I ordered which may or may not contain coral and green ones which in return suit my taste much more, as everyone who knows me a little bit can attest to.

– Mona