Momentary Obsession March 5, 2012 – Posted in: Mondays with Mona, On the Needles

It has been a while since I have knit a sweater. I am knitting one right now, a cardigan that is, for my Mom for her birthday. (It is okay to mention this here, since she doesn’t know about this blog and doesn’t read English either. Don’t tell her, though, it is supposed to be a surprise!)

The cardigan in question is “Lotte” from “Fresh Fashion Knits”, a collection of “more than 20 Must-Have Designs from Rowan’s Studio Collection”. There are 21, to be exact, and while I don’t want to knit all of them, there are quite a few that piqued my interest. I stumbled upon the book at the store first, of course, as a customer was looking for the right yarn substitution for one of the projects.

That is the one drawback of the book, some of the yarns have been discontinued by Rowan and need to be substituted. It does look like that is not overly hard to do, since most of them are of the no-nonsense kind we know and love Rowan for. Kid Silk Aura for example can be easily substituted by two strands of Kid Silk Haze held together – I have tried, the outcome is great (and – I have checked – the price for the project would be about the same).

I am using the yarn that is recommended in the pattern (“Calmer”, sadly also discontinued) but I am sure there are other options for this particular project, should you feel inclined to knit it.

For now, I am smitten with this book and can’t wait to finish this project so I can go on to the next…while other projects sit forgotten. Ah well, I’ll get to those later…

– Mona

ETA: Yes, I do still knit on the teal mohair cardigan, I am still on the back. It is slow going so Lotte will be indeed my first sweater I am going to finish in a while!