Update: Spinning Workshop March 6, 2012 – Posted in: Workshops

Guest Post by David Di Giacomo 

It was an early Sunday morning  when five new, very enthusiastic students showed up for Espace Tricot?s first spinning workshop – fiber and spindles in hand and ready to learn!

Spinning can be a tricky thing to teach. It looks simple and easily repeatable when you watch someone do it, but because you haven?t acquired the muscle memory yet, it?s not so easy when it comes time to try it yourself. This is one instance and type of skill where it can be very handy to have someone nearby to guide you in the right direction. I myself learned most of my crafting from the internet, but spinning, for me, had to be learned by having someone show me.

At the end of the first class, everyone was already successfully spinning wonderful, irregular art yarns that I told my students to covet, because soon enough they would be spinning thin, uniform yarn. Try as they might, they will have a hard time recreating the look of their first skeins of yarn.

Our next classes covered many ways to ply the spun yarns together, how to work with colored fibers, and how to go about recording one’s spinning, determining its weight and measuring the amount that has been spun so that it can be used in knitting and weaving projects.

And by the end of it, we had made lots of yarn!

This is a sampling of the yarns made by my students. I was just so very impressed at was accomplished in just three short weeks.

Some yarn made from Espace Tricot?s Sweet Georgia Superwash Merino fiber:

Though I spin primarily on a wheel, teaching spinning on a drop spindle encouraged me to pick it up again and do some drop spindling of my own. Here is my turkish spindle made with some super soft south african wood:

Two of the students even blogged about their class.   You can visit Carla?s blog and read about the class and her first experience with a wheel here. You can also visit Corinne?s blog here.

A big thanks to my students for making it such a wonderful first class!

If you?re interested in attending Espace Tricot’s next spinning workshop, be sure to leave your name with the store and we?ll contact you as soon as the next course is arranged (514 486-5648 / info@espacetricot.com.