Better late than never? March 26, 2012 – Posted in: Mondays with Mona

Hello there. I forgot to blog today.  Ooops. There is no excuse.  However, I do have something to talk about, believe it or not.

Remember “Lotte”? She is in the finishing stage. I’ve seamed the raglan seams (the pattern is written very well, it went as smoothly as it could) and am knitting the collar. To get a break from doing the short rows of the collar I seamed one of the side seams and sleeves.

I use mattress stitch to seam anything that is knit in pieces. I love how I can watch the pieces come together while seaming, should I be off track I see it right away and can fix it. It is my opinion that there is no other method that looks as clean and well done as seaming with mattress stitch. (Ok, I’m done with gushing now. Have a look for yourself!)

I think that looks pretty great, if I may say so myself. I do like to seam row by row, which can take a long time, but I do love the outcome.

I take in a whole stitch, which makes it quite easy to match the edges together. Whenever I teach mattress stitch in a finishing class, students who have never used it before are amazed. What can I say? I just love it. Do you, too?

– Mona