Sometimes you just have to April 9, 2012 – Posted in: Mondays with Mona

I hope you had a relaxing Easter/Passover weekend, with everything good that should be involved!

I’m taking a quick break now from doing my taxes to tell you about my latest project: I knit something last week that even a year ago I wouldn’t have thought I would. (Does that make sense?)

Ever once in a while there is a big hype going on about one or other pattern, hundreds, if not thousands of projects pop up on ravelry in no time at all and everyone just has to make it. I usually refrain from such shivaree, because I like to knit what I like when I like and not because everyone else is.

Last week though I returned to a project that had caught my eye when it was published in knitty and I thought ‘why the heck not?’ I do have the right to change my mind, after all.

So I went (well, not really, I was at work at the store, actually) and bought 9 skeins of Plymouth “Boku” (colour no 6, just in case you are interested) and cast on. Not even a week later I was done, being a bit surprised myself how fast it went. Though I will admit that a certain obsession can take hold if I like a project. It used only 8 of the 9 balls and I find having yarn left over is always a nicer surprise than having to buy more and maybe getting into trouble because you cannot find the right dye-lot or other dilemmas one cannot foresee just because the pattern scrimped on yardage. Anyhow, here is my personal version of “Lanesplitter”:

My dress form Lara usually complains when she has to model knits that are way too big for her, which happens frequently since her bust is a mere 35″ and  I am in a totally different weight class. Don’t even  get me started about her hips…however, I assure you the skirt looks quite good on me, too.

“Boku” is available in many colourways at the store, just in case you’re itching to cast on. Back now to the delight that is doing your taxes…

– Mona