BBC Horizon films chez Espace Tricot – now on Youtube April 25, 2012 – Posted in: Miscellaneous

Last November we posted to our Ravelry group about BBC Horizon coming to film a segment here at the store. We had been asked to serve as the backdrop for an interview with Dr. Rhonda Amsel, a McGill professor and avid / expert knitter, who, among other things, has looked at cerebral plasticity in relation to executing a newly learned motor behavior versus one that has become highly automatized. In one study, knitting was used to demonstrate this process with brain imaging being conducted on subjects as they knit in MRI machines (!) employing their standard method – english or continental – and then as they learned the alternative method.  BBC Horizon was interested in using our space to provide context for the interview and to film knitters in their ?natural habitat? and we were happy to participate. Below are a selection of images from the evening generously captured by photographer Robert Viau.

The video of the full program “Out of Control” is now available on YouTube here.  It’s an interesting watch! And if you’re especially interested in the knitting segment, fast forward to the 34:00 minute mark…


– Melissa