Glass Buttons from Cathy Carr April 25, 2012 – Posted in: New in Store

Beautiful buttons from Cathy Carr of CC Beadworks arrived in the mail today. Each one of these is a work of art! Cathy uses a technique called “Lampwork” – glass is melted in a torch and then shaped within the flame – a process that can take up to 1.5 hours. Shaped pieces are then placed in a digitally controlled kiln overnight in order to make them strong and able to withstand stress. While the buttons are quite durable, they are glass and best kept out of the washing machine!  We’ve asked Cathy for a variety of buttons to start but we can order more per individual colour, size, and shape specifications. So if you’re looking for that perfect button for your handknit garment and can’t find it – why not ‘design’ your own?

Below are some photos Cathy sent us taken at work in her studio.

– Melissa