Snap decision May 21, 2012 – Posted in: Mondays with Mona

Yesterday while at work, Kim was looking at a Drops pattern book and telling me how much she liked the pattern posted by Melissa on our Free Pattern Fridays, I had to agree and then leaf through the whole thing. There are quite a few I would like to knit, but this little bag (a bag of all things, who’da thunk?) struck me as the perfect little project for right now.

I bought the two balls of linen needed and got started last night. Here is where I am at now:

It is going a bit slower than expected, but I like knitting with the linen (though my tension could be a bit more even). I have no idea what I am going to do with it once I am done, yet I definitely wanted to knit it.

Are you like that, too? Do you make snap decisions when it comes to knitting? Seeing something and you want to start it right now?

– Mona