Twist Collective: Webzine worth bookmarking May 22, 2012 – Posted in: Project Ideas, Websites

As many of you can attest, the knitting scene has changed dramatically over the last decade. Several factors have contributed to this tremendous increase in interest and participation, not least the rise of the internet (yarn company websites, blogging, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) and the development of the social networking and resource site for knitters – Ravelry. Research from the Craft Yarn Council published in 2011 found that 93% of the knitters/crocheters surveyed used the internet when searching for patterns and project ideas. We are certainly part of this group, browsing Ravelry and other pattern sites for ideas and inspiration on a daily basis.  One of our favourite online pattern sources is Twist Collective. While we are always appreciative of designers who make selected patterns available for free, we recognize that for many, development and publication of their designs is how they are working to make a living. Twist Collective brings together talented designers and writers in the publication of a beautiful online magazine chock full of great patterns and interesting, informative articles. All are paid fairly for their work. Twist Collective is published three times a year and we look forward to every issue. We encourage you to visit their website and browse current and past issues – between the gorgeous presentation of useful information and the stunning showcase of designs, you won’t be disappointed!

And for more information about the rise of knitting, this article from The Guardian is a great read: Pride in the wool: the rise of knitting.

– Melissa