Counting, counting, numbers are for counting June 4, 2012 – Posted in: Mondays with Mona

Hello MWM  readers! I just came home from a two day marathon of counting – inventory at Espace Tricot, together with Lisa, Melissa, Odette, Sarah and Angie – and a bit of help of Sean, Lisa’s husband, also. I am done, but Lisa and Melissa are still finishing up. That’s why there is no ‘real’ blog post today, but just me explaining while there was none last week either, as you might have realized.

I have no kitchen. This in itself it not a good explanation, when I add that said room is getting renovated and was ripped out last Monday it makes a bit more sense, I hope. And when I say now that the electrician turned off the electricity feeding my internet, then you can easily see why I could not blog.

Regular blogging will resume next week, when I might have a look at crochet. Maybe.

– Mona