Crochet Confessions June 11, 2012 – Posted in: Mondays with Mona

I consider myself a knitter through and through. Ever once in a while though there is the urge to crochet. I see a project on ravelry that really speaks to me and inspires me so I want to get the hook out and get started.

While I do think I am a good knitter, the crochet thing is very dependent on a well written pattern and my grip on the technique, which is way less developed than other skills I have. I frequently lose stitches when crocheting, I have to rip and start over, and sometimes the pattern does not make sense whatsoever to me, while others have finished projects that prove it must be right.

Usually I like simple designs, mainly because I find them most appealing. Lately I have a crush on what is commonly called ‘Granny Stripes’ – derived from the Granny Squares, which I don’t like because they are too much work (at least I think so) and if you are not careful with your colour choice and combination the result can look frumpy, after all they are not called Granny Squares for nothing.

A lot of people use acrylics to crochet – I guess it is a care factor, but the cost must play a role, too. Crochet eats about 1/3 more yarn than knitting for roughly the same project (if you dare to compare, like afghans for example). Since there are only few acrylic mixes I can stand to work with, I use whatever strikes my fancy (or what I have in my stash, respectively).

Since crochet gives you a much thicker fabric (unless you work a very open pattern) I try to use larger hooks to get more drape, or thinner yarns, of course. So it was no surprise that I did get hooked on the Purlbee’s Two Tone Crochet Cowl. It uses lace weight cashmere, to top it off. I had some of that in my stash and then bought a skein of  SweetGeorgia Cash Silk Lace (I am in love with this yarn!) and made the first one for me. I made a second one for my daughter of the same yarn, I think it might be one of the most expensive wearable item she owns. But working with this yarn was so worth it!

A big favourite is the Granny Stripe Blanket, again the simple design makes it work for me. It uses a fingering weight yarn, and my version is going to take forever because it is meant to cover my daughter’s twin bed.

I have used some stash yarn to crochet smaller afghans (the last one is still in the works) using the tutorial here, which is what got me started initially. The year before I made Inga – believe you me I was quite surprised myself, I never liked any crochet garment before – and succeeded only due to a very well written pattern by Marie Wallin. I made some hats – one following a pattern (it is ‘Spirale’ from Berocco, though strictly speaking it is not crocheted in a spiral), the other I made up, it is not perfect but I’m quite happy with it. On a side note: hats are big this summer, very trendy!

Right this minute I am very tempted to take a stab at this, though I have to admit the hexagon scares me a bit and I yet have to learn to make it. Another useful thing I am going to tackle soon you can find here.

To put it bluntly, what interests me is simple, easy to make and no nonsense useful – how about you?

– Mona