Out with the old… June 18, 2012 – Posted in: Mondays with Mona

I’m sitting here with my coffee while the contractor is plastering the walls in the kitchen, dining room and hallway. There’s sanding involved and lots of dust everywhere – somehow this is worse than ripping out the kitchen itself and replacing it. Anyone having gone through a reno knows though, so I won’t bore you with my unneeded complaints.

The kitchen itself is pretty much done – I even got a new range because the old oven decided to die, no wonder, it was a real Grandpa and all that pushing and pulling and lugging around didn’t sit well with it. I found out when trying to cook Lasagna which never got done properly because 200 degree F just won’t do the job. Anyways, here’s my new kitchen:

As you can see, there’s some trim missing on top of the cabinets, otherwise it’s done. While it is a bit more traditional than what I would go for, it is very nice to have a new kitchen.

I especially like the floor – they ripped out the old lino and fixed up the wood underneath.

With all that is going on here and work in between, I have not done much knitting or crocheting. I finished two self fringing shawls, I have to admit I am a bit addicted to the idea and keep looking for yarn to knit another one – though I have to say the Berroco “Linsey” is well suited for this little project, you just need two skeins for this version that Lisa made up first. Both are gifts, one is with the recipient already, the other one is going tomorrow. The Cotton/Linen mix makes for a cute lighter scarf – when the mornings are still cool and you just need that bit of coverage. (Yes, I am aware it is too hot already but I like people to be prepared.)

While writing this I kept being interrupted. Please excuse the shortness of this post, especially when it comes to knitting content. I will be back to my more expletive self once all the strangers (also called contractors and handymen) have left for good. Which I hope will be next Monday, the latest.

– Mona