One happy FO August 13, 2012 – Posted in: Mondays with Mona

Hi there – I am back after a week’s hiatus. That gave me enough time to finish my design. I am quite happy with it – though I am not sure if I am really done. There might be some embroidery in the future, for now I have to let it rest and maybe think about it some more until inspiration strikes again.

I worked an A-line body, with four sets of decreases done in intervals. Once I bound off for the underarms, I knit the two sleeves. They are almost straight, I only increased 6 stitches. Once joined with the body, I began with raglan decreases then switched to a yoke style. At about 2″ before finishing, I started working back and forth to get a split neck.

After binding off, I took the neon Koigu and started crocheting the edge. I worked three single crochets (made long by going into the fourth row below bind off) in every third stitch, then decided that it was not quite substantial enough and worked another single crochet row. Then I added a crochet chain with some triple crochet bobbles. That’s it. I think it stayed pretty true to my sketch, don’t you agree?

I have my notes for this size, though I want to add two or three more sizes before publishing the pattern. (Writing it is the boring part, you wouldn’t want to know the details, really.)

– Mona