This and That August 30, 2012 – Posted in: Thursday This and That

Thank you all for your comments – it was much fun receiving your ideas, pondering which name would hit the mark and testing out how they sound. Looking over the list one stood out because it definitely captures what I am doing here: “Thursday This and That”.

The winner of a skein of Cascade 128 is……ARLENE!!

Since it actually is ‘this and that’ what I’m writing about, anything under the sun, really, but sometimes useful like “How to…” it seemed the natural choice. I liked “Mondays with Mona”, so just switching to “Thursdays with Mona” did not seem right, though I do appreciate the sentiment of the “Tuesdays with Morrie” thought.

While finding the winner of my little contest I found something else. Well, I found out that I am not good at making tassels! Mine came out uneven, too small for what I wanted and just, oh, NOT RIGHT. (I might even have to buy another skein of yarn, can you believe it!) I have made some before, but while practicing this week I learned to appreciate a well made tassel so much more. I know I promised a “How to” – but unfortunately I forgot I have to work today and with my tassels not really working out and no pictures at hand…I’m wimping out because if I present how to do things I want it to be well presented and done in a way for you to get the most out of it.

So instead I am going to be at the store, entering and pricing a big shipment of yarn, containing new colours of Cascade 128 amongst others. The consolation for you is that there will be many more “Thursday This and That”!

Thanks again – and see you next week!

– Mona