Sparkle up your Fall September 20, 2012 – Posted in: Thursday This and That

With Summer almost done – Fall starts officially this Saturday after all – I’m trying to squeeze as much knitting into the available free time as possible. It is somehow still not enough.

What I am knitting on right now (among other things, of course) is a ballet wrap sweater for my daughter. She wants to be a ballerina for Halloween and every serious ballerina needs a sweater like that. I had some pink (not ballet pink, the whole outfit is ballet pink already, it would have been overkill) yarn in my stash and started knitting. After knitting an inch or so I felt something was missing. I thought about it for a minute or two and it came to me: Sparkle!

Now, if you know me at all and you are thinking that I am normally not the sparkly kind, you are absolutely right. But this is for my kid and for Halloween – so Sparkle it is.

A while ago we received some Drops Glitter – yes, that is the official name of it – in the store, in silver and black. I got a spool of silver, stranded it with my pink yarn and what can I say? I really like how it comes out. The Glitter adds just enough to catch the light here and there, and what I like best is that it is so thin that you cannot feel it at all in the finished fabric. Some other metallic add-ons can be quite scratchy, which is not favourable when knitting for a 4 year old.

If you want some delicate Sparkle in your life, or rather: your knitting, this is what I recommend. One spool has 700 metres of Glitter, which goes a long way in any project. I’m thinking one is more than enough for mine.

Happy Fall knitting!

– Mona