Yellow Brick Road October 11, 2012 – Posted in: Project Ideas, Thursday This and That

Fall is here. It cannot be denied. Yesterday was the best example for the cool, windy and rainy weather we will have to deal with more and more.

Did you get out your scarves yet? Maybe some of the lighter ones – for what we Germans like to call the ‘transitional period’, meaning it is colder but not really cold, yet you need some extra warmth around your neck, for example, while a lighter coat is totally sufficient.

In case you do not have anything suitable available, fear not but follow the “Yellow Brick Road” pattern for a versatile cowl knit in a scrumptious soft yarn. I used only one skein of Tanis Fiber Art “Orange Label” – which is marvelously soft and wonderful to work with – to get a little something just the right size to keep your neck cozy in multiple ways.

I used colour “Gold” and five leather shank buttons. There are more colours and buttons to be had!

Use the buttons to wear your cowl multiple ways – however you please. Best of all: no sewing or grafting involved!  Also, this particular knit/purl pattern is reversible meaning it looks the same on both sides.

Find the pattern right here.

By the way, if you want to brush up on your finishing techniqes for projects that actually require finishing, there are spots left in the two classes offered! For more information what it is all about, check here.

Happy Knitting!

– Mona