Unexpected October 18, 2012 – Posted in: Project Ideas, Thursday This and That

I have a new work in progress. I wasn’t really thinking about knitting it for myself, and I am not – it is a store sample. So far I am – how can I put it – enthralled? enchanted? captured?

The “Coat of many Colors” is on my needles and right now I am desperately hoping I haven’t twisted the 568 stitches when joining in the round. (I have checked 5 times. I don’t think I did.)  The yarn is “Twizzle” from Mountain Colors, a mix of wool and silk which is a personal favourite. They put together kits for the coat and I am knitting on the colourway “Crocus”. We have others available at the store – just in case you are itching to get your hands on one of them. Mine were, just for the knitting experience alone!

There are nine different colours of yarn in a kit, and they all go together really well. I cannot wait to see how this turns out. All of this however means that my other projects are on hold. (What am I getting myself into?)

Check in next week to view my progress and get some tips about joining yarns!

– Mona