On to the sleeves November 8, 2012 – Posted in: Thursday This and That

Knitting the Swirl Coat takes longer than I expected, mostly because I don’t get to knit much these days with the move last week and other stuff going on, only about 2 hours at night. Which is – when it comes to this project – not a lot. I think the joining of yarns cuts into the knitting time.

Anyways, here it is as of today:

I am knitting on the sleeves, am almost at the point where I can start decreasing again. They are all scrunched up on 40″ needles, that’s why it looks funny, I hope to deliver a beauty shot next week!! I can’t wait to have this done and try it on – you can too, once it is in the shop.

However, I did finish something in the meantime – I had to: “Mommy, it is Halloween soon, you need to finish my sweater!” Right she was and it was done on time.

Here is my little Ballerina (“I’m a princess ballerina!”) with her sparkly sweater. She was quite happy, as you can see.

If you haven’t visited our new digs yet, go and have a look! I certainly think it is worthwhile. (Of course I would. But you have to see for yourself.)

See you next week,

– Mona