Rinse and Repeat November 29, 2012 – Posted in: Espace Tricot Patterns, Project Ideas, Thursday This and That

American Thanksgiving came and went and with it the unavoidable PBS’s “A Very Monkey Christmas”. I almost cannot believe it has almost been a year since I posted about it, but here we go again!

Also, just like last year I seem to be on top with getting my Christmas decoration on – this year I have a couple of favourites I want to share.

(photos: cocoknitsdesigns, General Hogbuffer, Valley Yarns, rosemily)

A little something like this wreath adds just enough holiday feel to get started.

Then there is Frankie Brown who went through the trouble to knit 24 ornaments for an Advent Garland and published the patterns on ravelry for every single one. They’re very cute – and free! Here is the first.

If you feel like you don’t want to put too much work into anything knitted but want to knit something festive, how about “Merry Festivus Baublage” (what a name!) which really is just a cover for your generic Christmas ornament but done in an easy way.

A bit more delicate is this pattern for ornament covers – something I want to try (as soon as a buy some plastic ornaments, mine are glass and I fear breakage…).

Then again, you could knit some ornaments yourself, our pattern is a good start. They are stuffed with batting, so they are soft and unbreakable.

If you a slightly ambitious, adventurous or just feel like trying something new: Balls Up! is in a fingering weight so a bit more intricate and oh, so pretty. Leftover sock yarn, anyone?? You’ll have to get some 7 cm styrofoam balls, though.

One more thing you need: A star ornament. There are many patterns to be found, I decided I am going to try this one – I very much like the idea of having no wrong side, though it is slightly more work to sew them together.

There are many  more patterns to be found on ravelry, too many to be listed here. I spent way too much time looking (as always) and am still not done. Oh, the possibilities!

Happy Advent season!

– Mona