Last Minute December 20, 2012 – Posted in: Project Ideas, Thursday This and That

I have been knitting Christmas gifts. This year I picked a lot of small projects, and that worked out well. I’m almost not stressed at all. (I have this weird feeling that though I think I am on top of things right now that at some point in the next few days I am going to remember that I forgot something essential and then it will be too late…and, NIGHTMARE. I’m good for now.)

In case you want to know what I knitted:

Burly Mitts. They are a quick knit and everyone can use warm mittens. Only drawback: you have to knit two!


Reclamation. This pattern uses one ball/skein of whatever special yarn you have at hand. How about a skein of the new Kid silk haze Glamour? The sequins add a little sparkle, and 177 yards are knit up fast. Or a skein of yummy Handmaiden Cashmere.

– The Quynn hat. For all the kids around. I just love this pattern! I used the Cascade Cloud yarn – it makes for a really warm, squishy hat.

All of these are perfect last minute projects. Just in case you need one.

Happy Holidays to all of you – enjoy the season!

– Mona