All is new January 3, 2013 – Posted in: Thursday This and That

I hope you all have passed the Holidays in a pleasant manner, with good food, good company and lots of knitting time. For me, the snow storm was the best excuse to knit up a storm of another kind.


This is “Polzeath” by Lisa Richardson. It is a free Rowan pattern I knit up in Cocoon for myself (it is not a store sample). I wore it yesterday for the first time, it is very comfy and warm.

A new year has started and I’m sure a lot of you have made New Year’s resolutions about a variety of things. Personally, I didn’t make any, I never do. Which doesn’t mean I have good intentions. Those I have all year long, really. Then again, what is that saying: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

My hellish intentions for this year include (once again) to finish some lingering projects and trying to be a ‘serial monogamist’ rather than a ‘hey, I have 10 projects on the go and take forever to finish any of them’ knitter. Let’s see how that goes. (I just get distracted too easily.) Another one is to use up some stash yarn. Or give it away, because I’ll never use it anyways.

Good luck with whatever you want to achieve in 2013 – and a very Happy New Year!

– Mona