Have you heard about The Fiber Factor? April 22, 2013 – Posted in: Miscellaneous

“The Fiber Factor? is a knitting design competition being held to find the next great knitwear designing superstar”.
I just heard about this today (am I late to the party?) and I’m excited to watch it all unfold! This Project Runway-like contest for knitters is being run by The Skacel Collection. After a preliminary invitation phase for entry applications, 12 semi-finalists were selected to move forward. The contestants were announced at the beginning of April and the first challenge is now underway. If you’re interested in following the contest, grab a hot beverage and visit the Fiber Factor website. I began by watching the “Meet the contestants” videos and then clicked on the “Challenges” link to watch the CEO (Karin Skacel) and Creative Director (Cirilia Rose) of Skacel Collection outline the first of the seven challenges – “Knit Your Life”.
We’d love to hear who you think should win as the contest progresses!
– Melissa