Summer store sample round-up… April 24, 2013 – Posted in: Project Ideas

I’m not certain but I think it may be safe to say that spring is finally here. To welcome it’s arrival and to declare summer knitting season officially “open”, I thought I’d post pictures of some of our spring and summer store samples knit with lighter weight yarns. We now have all of our summer yarns in stock – from hemp and linen to cotton and silk we have everything you need to create pieces for the warmer weather which must surely be just around the corner.
For more information on any of the following samples, scroll to the bottom of this post and click on the corresponding link. Better yet, come on in and try them on!
Be sure to check in next week for a round up of more shawls and wraps suitable for summer.
1. Annis
2. Cool Hemp Ponchette
3. Hakusa
4. Margot
5. Verdant
6. Simple Hemp Tote
7. +SSS
8. Ombre Tank
9. Augustine Shawlette
10. Liesl
11. Gretel
12. Flow
13. Wrapigan
14. Asymmetric Vest
15. Weekend Wrap
16. Linsey Fringe
17. Asymmetric Jacket
18. Henslowe
– Melissa