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Hello again. Yes, I am fully aware that it has been five weeks since I blogged last – however, to me it does not feel that long. I have done a lot in the meantime: packed up and moved, went away to TNNA and tried to get the act of the internet and phone together (which is a story I don’t want to bore you with). In order of the good, bad and ugly: TNNA was good, really good, moving was not really bad, moving in by way of unpacking and organizing is, and the really ugly thing is the phone problem.
While at TNNA we took a day-long class with Cat Bordhi (who is an exceptional knitter, an enthusiastic teacher and a delightful person) to learn seven things that make us a better knitter and I thought I’d share one of them. A few of them I have actually already talked about (this, this and this, for example), another one is similar to what I do, so you might wonder did I learn anything at all? Indeed, I did. I learned, well, one and a half new techniques. The one I have to try if it works to my satisfaction (why yes, I am a doubting Thomas), the half was a different version of what I already knew.
While taking the class we actually knit a whole project in which all the techniques are applied. The pattern included what I like to call ‘mini’ cables, because you only twist two stitches. This means when it comes to cabling it can be quite cumbersome to use a cable needle, slip one stitch onto the cable needle,  hold it in front or back of your knitting, knit the next and then the one from the cable needle…you see, even the explanation for this process seems long and you only want to cross two stitches!
As with every cable, there are two ways of working them: the left twist and the right twist. Meaning one time the first stitch gets crossed over in front, the other in the back, giving each cable a distinct look. I am going to show you how to work them without a cable needle and hence without the hassle!

Right Twist


Here we are, ready to twist the next two stitches.


Insert your needle into two stitches knitwise.


Take them off the left hand needle.


Slip them back onto the left hand needle.

IMG_8754IMG_8755 IMG_8756

Then knit one after the other through the back loop.


There, one Right Twist done!


Left Twist


Ready to do the Left Twist.


Insert your needle into the back of the second stitch on the left hand needle.


Knit that stitch into the back loop.


Now knit the first stitch on the left hand needle the regular way.


Then slip both stitches just knit from left hand needle.


There. A Left Twist without a cable needle.

I do not know if you plan on knitting anything with mini cables anytime soon, just remember this little tutorial when the time comes…

Happy Knitting, as ever!

– Mona