Peddling My Wares September 12, 2013 – Posted in: How to, Thursday This and That

Did you know that you only need three, well, maybe four knitting techniques to knit socks (apart from knit and purl)?
All it really needs is
– ssk
– k2tog

– pick up stitches
and, while not really a technique since all you do is move a stitch:
– slip a stitch knitwise/purlwise
If any of this sounds familiar but you never have knit a sock in your life, why not sign up for my sock class, starting the upcoming Monday,  September 16? You’ll learn how to knit a sock top down on double  pointed needles using the four techniques mentioned above.
There are times when it is surprising even to me how little we need to create a certain shape with sticks and yarn. Socks in particular never seize to amaze me. Especially when you go beyond the self-striping yarns and venture into the more intricate patterns like lace or cables.

_DSC3428My ‘Embossed Leaves Socks’ pattern. Once you know the construction of a sock, this is not hard to do!

There are plenty of other classes to be had, have you checked out our schedule yet?

Happy knitting, as ever!

– Mona