It Is That Time Again October 17, 2013 – Posted in: How to, Thursday This and That

Lately we have had an uncommonly large percentage of customers come in and announce that they wanted to knit a scarf. Not to say “d’uh’ but yes, it is that time again – it is getting nippy in the morning and people are thinking about the necessity of keeping themselves and their loved ones warm.
Scarves, or echarpes (forgive the lack of accent, please) here in La Belle Province are indeed a good idea to keep your neck warm. Be it a rectangle, triangle or folded square, a knitted scarf will keep you toasty.
As with everything I do have certain preferences when knitting a scarf – and I am talking the regular scarf kind. Kind of narrow and long. There we go – I like my scarves NOT narrow but wide AND long. Next thing is that certain scarves have a tendency to form themselves into a roll – sometimes it is not an issue, other times you really wish your scarf would lie flat, even around your neck.

This one is meant to roll. Not all scarves are equal!

To prevent some rolling you can knit a garter stitch border, however I find it doesn’t really work that well. If the rest of the scarf is knit in Stockinette Stitch, it will roll anyways. Scarves knit in a rib won’t roll, they just require more stitches to get to the same width as a Stockinette scarf because the rib pulls together. Then again, that gives you a warmer fabric.

Using two self-striping yarns this has been a long-time favourite on ravelry.

Garter for a scarf is just fine – make sure you pick a perfectly scrumptious yarn to set off the simplicity, it’ll give you more impact. Like this one for example:

Use a chunky Baby Alpaca (we have lots of colours of Misti in Stock!) for a version of this one.

“Basalt” is knit in a sport weight  – simple Garter with an I-cord edge in a super soft yarn.

I myself love knit/purl patterns for scarves, they make the knitted fabric lie flat and, even better, if you pick the right one the scarf is reversible, meaning it looks just as good on the wrong side as on the one you intended to be seen by the general public.

A chevron knit/purl pattern in want-to-wear cashmere.

Jared Flood’s “Guernsey Wrap” is just so much fun to knit! And this one is wide and long, just as I like it.

Before I go, there IS a way to knit Stockinette Stitch and NOT have your scarf roll! Knit it in the round. Knit a tube. Like the following examples.

The ‘Blocks of color’ scarf uses a sport weight yarn. Knit in the round, the doubled up fabric will keep you cozy!

This is our own pattern, the ‘Split Personality’ scarf. Once you put that on, you won’t want to take it off!

Happy Knitting, as ever!

– Mona