Running Out Of Steam November 7, 2013 – Posted in: On the Needles, Project Ideas, Thursday This and That

The last few weeks at the store have left us a bit breathless. If you’ve been in, you know why! The ‘knitting season’ has started and it has been very busy. Indeed, not only that but the steady influx of new yarn added to the frenzy. In a good way, since we really enjoy bringing in the yarns we love to knit with and so fan out the delight to our customers.
However, being at a busy store, teaching at night, trying to get a house in order (man, if someone had told me before how much work it can be…) and squeezing in as much time as I might to spend with my daughter who has started kindergarten this year, seems to have taken a toll.
I got nothing. No special technique to show, no picture tutorial, no idea what I could talk about.
Then again, are you interested in what I am knitting? That’s pretty much I have today. And, wait for it, the whole project is knit in garter. Sounds pretty boring, eh? Well, all I can say is that it is perfect for my momentary state of mind and garter can be soothing for frayed nerves.


This is not even a good picture. The light was practically gone and I needed to use the flash. BUT, it is the Moderne Log Cabin Blanket by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne. A better picture will follow once I am done!

I am knitting the Moderne Log Cabin Blanket as a cover for my daughter’s bed. The colours are picked to go with the rest of the room, of course. I am using Cascade Eco and Eco +. A 100% wool Aran weight yarn I love to work with.

The original pattern is knit in a DK weight, I thought by using an Aran I would get a good size for a twin bed, however, I had to scale back, otherwise it would become too wide. The length might just work, I will know by the end of the next garter stripe. It is a bit weird how addictive it is, but working on one stripe I keep thinking: “oh, just so and so many rows more and I can pick up the next!”

For once, I am working on only one project at a time. (I do have several, ten a few more on the needles, neglected in my knitting basket…)

Happy knitting, as ever!

– Mona