Habu Textiles: Re-stocked! April 22, 2014 – Posted in: Project Ideas, Re-stocked, Store Samples


We’re excited to let you know that we’ve just received several new shipments from Habu Textiles including Tsumugi Silk, Fine Merino, Silk Stainless Steel, and a brand new-to-us yarn – Wrapped Silk.

Tsumugi Silk

Tsumugi Silk is 100% silk with little specks of colour throughout giving it a slightly tweedy feel. Beacause it is soft and light, this yarn is ideal for summer garments.  It can be double- and triple-stranded to achieve the weight and gauge necessary for your project and it also combines well with other yarns. Content: 100% silk / Yardage: 450 yds. View available colours here. Most colourways in stock.

Fine Merino

Extremely soft and fine merino, this yarn lends itself to many different projects and can be used single-, double-, or triple-stranded. Although there are many available colourways, if you don?t find the exact shade you?re looking for, you can create your own by combining multiple strands of different colours. Can also be felted. Content: 100% merino / Yardage: 747 yds. View available colours here. Most colourways in stock.

Silk Stainless Steel

A stainless steel core wrapped in silk ? this yarn is surprisingly soft and supple.  The stainless steel provides the added benefit of built-in ?memory? that allows for shapingof your finished project. Crinkle it, curl it, twist it ? it will bend to your will and stay that way until you straighten it.   This yarn is easiest when knit using two strands and is often combined with Habu?s Fine Merino. Content: 69% silk, 31% stainless steel / Yardage: 311 yds.  View available colours here. Most colourways in stock.

Wrapped Silk

This silk yarn is created with a traditional cord making method. Silk wrapped in silk. Very strong, and great for bags or jacket fabric. Content: 69% silk, 31% stainless steel / Yardage: 311 yds.  View available colours here. Most colourways in stock.

Project Ideas

Here are just a few ideas to start you thinking about how to work with these unique yarns – all of these samples are available for viewing in store. And be sure to check our free pattern feature this coming Friday for another new Espace Tricot project designed with Wrapped Silk! It’s fabulous – promise!


Double-Take Tee by Espace Tricot
Hakusa by Kirsten Johnstone
Ombre Tank by Espace Tricot
Kusha Kusha by Setsuko Torii


– Melissa