New store sample: Bottle Rock Wrap April 30, 2014 – Posted in: Project Ideas, Store Samples


From the designer – Gina Wilde: “This perfectly simple rectangle is knit in alternating stripes of our inimitable Silken Straw with the fabulous Tweedy yarn. The result is a subtle fabric like no other, light as air, and rippling with texture and color drama. With a charming button closure on one corner, the wrap is a versatile statement piece to be worn in myriad ways.”

Note that instead of making a buttonhole and sewing on a button, we crocheted a button loop and used one of Jul Silver?s brilliant removable leather buttons (they screw on through your fabric) to increase versatility – see below.  Just move it around and see how many ways you can wear this wrap!

We currently have lots of Alchemy Silken Straw and Tweedy colour combinations available in store.

Click here to see additional photos and project details on our Ravelry page.

– Melissa