Where do you knit? June 12, 2014 – Posted in: Miscellaneous, Thursday This and That

You might know – or maybe not – that on Saturday is “World wide knit in public day”. Actually, it is not a day anymore, but a whole week is dedicated to knitting in public, this year from June 14-22. It is a relatively new institution, started only in 2005.

knit in public logo

Well now, I was trying to find a logo that encompasses the whole world, since it is called “World wide knit…” however, all I could find were logos dedicated to continents. Hmmm…

When I heard first of it, I wondered what was the big thing about that – being a knitter for most of my life I have knit in a lot of places that could be considered ‘public’. With the surge of knitting however and a lot of ‘new’ knitters around, the idea picked up and events were planned. Picnic in the park, sitting outside a Cafe on the sidewalk…you know, any place that is considered ‘public’ and where people can see you knit.

I still don’t know how I feel about it, since I have been lugging around knitting for years and, as I said, have been knitting on the train, at the doctor’s office, at birthdays of friends, wherever it seemed that I would have a lot of time and nothing to do with my hands. I even brought my knitting to school as a teenager (okay, only a few times since nobody at that age wants to be considered ‘not cool’) and to friend’s houses.

What I realize now is that I mostly was the only person knitting ‘in public’, usually there was no other knitter around. Knitting was done at home, in private. This changed when it became the thing to do; knitting all of a sudden was considered ‘cool’. (Well, I guess there are still a few people who haven’t gotten the memo yet. please do forgive them.)

So what makes this day so popular among knitters? I think it is the sense of community that you have when sitting down with other people who enjoy the craft as much as yourself rather than trying to convert the rest of the world to become knitters, too. Doesn’t mean we cannot try…

Happy knitting, as ever!

– Mona