Are You Up To Scale? June 26, 2014 – Posted in: Thursday This and That, Uncategorised

There is one tool a serious knitter (ha, definition is up to you) needs, at least in my opinion. Next to needles, scissors, tapestry needles, stitch markers, stitch holders, needle stoppers…I do think you should have a digital scale.

Questions like

“Do I have enough”?

“How much yardage is left?”

“Is this about half a skein?”

can easily be answered by, which you might have guessed by now, weighing the respective yarn in offense.

After establishing the weight there might be some math to do to figure out the yardage, however, if all you need to know if there’s half a skein left, weighing is enough.

To find out how many balls/skein were used for a certain project and you never wrote that down, weigh your project.

This is such a straightforward method that it often gets overlooked. Well, not anymore.

If you feel like you want to get a scale, look for one with 1 gram increments (digital kitchen scales, total weight is usually around 5 – 5.5 kg). You can buy one with 0.5, 0.2 or even 0.1 increments (those are usually the ones used in laboratories, or ‘mini’-scales and the total weight is lower) – to find out as accurately as possible how much yarn is left. And, because I know you are going to want to know: my scale measures in 1 gram increments, as does the one in the store.

Here is where I bought mine. This is also a nice one (mine is not as sleek!) They are readily available anywhere, I propose to get the one you like best and suits your budget.

Once you start using it, you’ll ask yourself how you ever did without.

Happy Knitting, as ever!

– Mona