Please note: Store will be closed during trunk shows this weekend February 10, 2015 – Posted in: Events


Photo taken outside the Knitter’s Edge last week in Pennsylvania! 🙂

As many of you know, we will be hosting Stephen (West) and StevenBe (Berg) this weekend as part of their winter tour and we couldn’t be more excited. We have tried to organize events outside store hours as much as possible but please be advised that we will need to be closed to the general public on Saturday, February 14th between 10:30 am and 12:00 pm and Sunday, February 15th between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm  (Note: trunk show begins at 12:30 on Sunday) to accommodate the ticket-holding trunk show audience. We will open promptly thereafter!

For class and trunk show participants, please try to arrive as close to your event starting times as possible – not too early. There will be wild amounts of set up and take-down going on as we prepare for each session and we will not be able to open our doors until just before events are scheduled to begin (i.e. 5 – 10 minutes).

We encourage you all to visit Stephen and Steven’s Facebook page dedicated to the tour to get an idea of the fun and creative weekend this promises to be!

– Melissa