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Knit Blockers


An original idea guaranteed to make blocking your knitted projects easier!  Knitter’s Pride Knit Blockers significantly speed up the blocking process and help maintain even tension across a wider area than individual pins. Ideal for blocking on straight edges like sweaters, shawls and scarves.  Made using tough plastic with sturdy, rust resistant stainless steel pins embedded along one side.

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Camden Rose Knitting Tower

camden1 camden2

The Camden Rose Knitting Tower enables young children, and even adult beginners, to practice the essentials of knitting. Children can begin to knit right away, as the birch wood tower holds the stitches while their fingers freely move the yarn. Best part of all is the choice between a tight stitch 6-pin knot or a stretchy stitch 4-pin knot. Includes small sample of yarn.

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Louet Octo Drop Spindle


A top whirl drop spindle with an octagonal shaped whirl – great for beginners or spinners on the go. Weighs approx 1.43oz (40gr).

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– Melissa