New in store: Butterfly Super 10 Cotton March 16, 2015 – Posted in: New in Store, Project Ideas


Although it’s been around for years, we’re sorry to admit that, until recently, we had not tried Butterfly Super 10 Cotton yarn and weren’t really sure what the fuss was about. After listening to many of our customers rave about its qualities, however, we decided to give this popular yarn a try and were so impressed, we immediately placed an order.  Although a little late to this particular yarn party, we try not to miss one and now have 33 colourways in stock with more on the way!

Butterfly Super 10 Cotton is a beautiful 100% mercerized cotton imported from Greece that comes in a wide range of stunning colourfast shades. A proven, high performing cotton with a gorgeous sheen, it wears well even after many machine washes and won’t shrink or pill. We highly recommend this yarn for spring and summer projects, for household items like potholders and washcloths, and as a substitute for anyone allergic to wool. Super 10 is adaptable to most DK or Worsted weight patterns.

A few project ideas below…

Groovy by Jumpercables Knitting


(Photo: JumperCables)

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of the Groovy pattern (we’ve knit several in various fibers) and we’re looking forward to knitting up a version in Butterfly Super 10. The beautiful drape and sheen of the one pictured above has us sold – a perfect warm-weather accessory. Stay tuned for pictures of another Groovy store sample coming soon!

Zigzag Potholder by AimeeJessica


(Photo: AimeeJessica)

I don’t crochet but, with so many fun and modern new patterns appearing on Ravelry, I’m feeling the urge to focus some energy on picking up this new skill.  I love the look of these Zigzag Potholders and envision them adorning my kitchen like little rays of sunshine.  Smaller versions for coasters!

Medano Beach by Heidi Kirrmaier


(Photo: rililie)

We knit a store sample of Heidi Kirrmaier’s Medano Beach in allhemp6Lux a few years ago in black and white and it’s been a popular summer knit.  That said, a softer, more colourful version with Butterfly Super 10 like the one pictured above may now be in order 🙂

– Melissa