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Dryer Dots Eco Fabric Softener (6-packs)

Grey Swirl

In lieu of harsh chemicals, Gleener Dryer Dots harness the natural properties of wool for eco & effective fabric softening that shaves dryer time by 15 – 30%.

  • Softens, separates & fluffs fabrics naturally with their gentle (and uber quiet) tumbling motion.
  • Saves time, money & energy by 15-30%; 100% wool composition soaks up excess moisture and increases the air circulation in your dryer.
  • Fragrance-free & hypoallergenic; safe for those with sensitive skin, asthma, and allergies. You can even use them to soften baby clothes and cloth diapers. Need we say more?
  • Fabric-friendly: gentle on all dryer-friendly fabrics, leaving behind no icky chemical residues.
  • Durable and re-usable; guaranteed to last 1,000 loads ? that?s three years worth of laundry! (Sorry).


  1. Toss into the dryer and run the cycle as usual.
  2. Smile; you’ll be done laundry that much sooner :).

Use 3 dryer balls for small loads and 6 for medium to large loads. When not is use, just leave them in the dryer with the door ajar, in a laundry basket, or store them unsealed in their re-usable packaging.

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Heather Grey




Canvas Totes 

Roomy, multipurpose totes ideal for hauling all of your yarn projects!

  • Hand silkscreened print with embroidered & cotton applique details
  • 100% cotton
  • Measures: 16″ h x 14″ w

Cool Cat



Rockin’ Owl


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–  Melissa