25 000 Tuques Update December 15, 2015 – Posted in: Miscellaneous




It’s been a few weeks since Danielle Létourneau launched the call to knit tuques for Canada’s Syrian refugees and the response has been overwhelming!  On the weekend we hosted a pop-up store at an event held at the École Rudolph Steiner de Montréal and left with just over 125 hats in hand! Our bin at the store was also filled to capacity with donations and today we dropped off a total of 249 hats at the McCord Museum, one of the main collection spots.

As luck would have it, Danielle was there with a group of knitters, collecting, sorting and knitting the hundreds of head warmers! There was a wonderful energy permeating the room and the smiles all around were infectious. We think that Danielle just might reach her goal of 25 000 tuques!!

We also bumped into Geneviève Beauchemin and her cameraman from CTV news and they so graciously asked us a few questions about our involvement and then decided to pop by our shop for more inspiration.  I think we may have convinced Geneviève to try her hand at knitting as well. 🙂

It seems that the knitting will continue over the holidays and into January since our Syrian brothers and sisters will continue their journey long into the new year.

The McCord Museum will be hosting another knitting event on Friday January 15th from 1pm-6pm and are encouraging even non-knitters to participate by dropping off yarn for others to knit. For more information please click on the following link: http://www.mccord-museum.qc.ca/en/activities/25-000-tuques-2/


We would also like to thank our good friends at Westminster Fibers who have so generously donated yarn for our customers interested in knitting tuques for this project.  Mona, Alma, and Norman from Westminster arranged for the delivery of a beautiful and colourful box of yarn this week, so please come by the store and pick-up a few balls and start knitting!


Here?s to our wonderful community of knitters, your response has been generous, heartfelt and inspiring!