Just re-stocked: Fiber Fantasy Long Flexible Blockers March 15, 2016 – Posted in: Online store, Re-stocked


Lace needs to be blocked in order to really showcase the beautiful stitch repeats and open work…. Our favourite tool for this task is the Fiber Fantasy Long Flexible Blocker Kit! These 60″ long, flexible stainless steel wires thread easily through the edge stitches of your shawl (or just the points if you’re knitting a decorative pointed edge), and use just a few pins to pin them to your blocking surface in the shape you need. If your garment is circular you can easily shape the wires and pin them down to the correct circumference. If you’re blocking a triangular piece you can pin them along a straight edge, but you’ll only have to use one wire to cover a whole side instead of using multiple straight wires end to end.

Each kit contains 3-60″ long stainless steel wires, 30 T-pins, and instructions.

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–  Melissa