Coming clean… May 24, 2016 – Posted in: On the Needles, Project Ideas

It’s been a few months now that I’ve been in the grip of a knitting funk. Too many projects on the needles and too many new ones dancing around in my head. Many of you reading this are sure to relate to my current dilemma which, in the grand scheme of things seems trivial but, given that I am literally in the business of knitting, is somewhat alarming…

I came to knitting only in my late thirties and, since then, I have knit for a few hours each night and have dutifully finished all of my projects. Until now, that is! Knitting has always been for me, a time to come back to myself, to indulge my creative self, and to settle and be quiet. My days are quite social and active and knitting has always given me an opportunity to simply be, yet be productive at the same time. Since we opened the store almost 6 years ago, every evening, and yes I can honestly say every evening, once my son was in bed I would make a café latte, find a good documentary to watch and settle into bed with my knitting. With my e-mail and the phone close at hand, Melissa and I would take the opportunity to catch up with rambling conversations, mulling over ideas and plans for knitting and our shop. I couldn’t wait for this time of day, to not be needed, and to be in my little bubble for just a few hours.

Now, back to my little funk ? which, has become a source of endless discussion and contemplation with my faithful partner Melissa. Maybe it is because we have been working up store sample after store sample and have not been knitting projects for ourselves? Maybe it’s because we are teaching our sons, their friends and their teachers and our friends to knit in our free time? Maybe it is because we are still in the process building our business and putting energy into creating procedures and protocols for efficient store management and constantly researching and sourcing new products? Maybe it’s because we only want to knit with neutrals, but then get bored before we start, so then we knit with colour, but then can?t handle it?! Maybe my busy schedule and the long drawn out winter here in Montreal has sucked my energy and made me too tired to knit in the evening? Or, and this is a more recent one, maybe it’s because it’s Spring and I am feeling the need to be out there and on the move?!  Maybe my mind is preoccupied with interior decorating now that I’ve moved into a new home? Maybe it’s because my desire for a finished product is greater than the patience I have to enjoy the process at the moment?

I am hoping that this period of reflection, combined with my willingness to come clean and put all of my finished projects out on the table so-to-speak will help me find my knitting mojo again! Maybe I need to give myself permission to have my UFO?s sit in my knitting baskets for the summer and choose a fun, easy and colourful project to knit this spring!

So, what projects do I currently have on my needles you ask?  Let me list them for you…

A Rowan Pure Wool Worsted Cable Blanket that I am designing as a store pattern:

cable blanket

My Koigu Knitted Patchwork Mittered Square Blanket, that some of you may have already started and completed since one of my previous blog posts:


My Madelinetosh Tosh Chunky Garter Blanket which I blogged about a few weeks ago and am just past the spot I was at before I ripped it back:


A large rectangular shawl in Habu Cashmere, which just might take to the end of my knitting career to finish:


An XL version of the Kigali Nights shawl that I designed as a store pattern in Handmaiden Lino and started last summer:


A Stephen West Color Craving in Headgehog Fibres Skinny Singles, which I was inspired to begin at Vogue Knitting Live:


Another Stephen West Color Craving in Anzula Milky Way, which I started when we went to The Needle Arts Trade Show last year:


Itaca from Stephen West in Jade Sapphire Sylph – started last year as an ?easy summer knit?:


–  Lisa