New in Store: Umbrella Swifts and Ball Winders from Strauch June 30, 2016 – Posted in: New in Store

Almost since we first took up knitting, Lisa and I have been on a hunt for the perfect ball winder and swift. We’ve tried many over the years but we may have met our winding dream team in the these pieces from the Strauch Fiber Equipment Company.

Swift / Skeinwinder


When on its base, this beautiful and functional piece of furniture measures 42″ tall, from floor to top of the knob. Prefer to work from your table? Simply unscrew the umbrella swift into the table base, attach the table clamp, and you’re ready to go.

  • The floor and table models are interchangeable, collapsible and easily portable!
  • These handcrafted umbrella swifts are designed to function as both a Swift and a Skeinwinder.
  • Skein circumference is adjustable from 1-2 yards. There are three black rings on the center dowel. The bottom ring indicates a 1-yard circumference, the center: 1-1/2 yds, and the top: 2-yds. You can determine the yardage by setting the Swift/skeinwinder to the appropriate marker on the center dowel. Count the number of rotations while winding the skein. You can then easily calculate the yardage by multiplying the yards for one rotation by the number of rotations you made.
  • All Swifts are treated with a penetrating oil finish and need only to be occasionally cleaned with high quality liquid lemon oil furniture polish.
  • The standard clamp that comes with the Swift / Skeinwinder fits tables from 3/8″ to 2 1/4″ thick.

Ball Winder


What makes the Strauch Fiber Ball Winder so special?

  • Makes a very large center-pull ball – up to one pound of yarn.
  • Great for winding all types of yarn including large skeins or bulky yarns.
  • No oiling or adjusting required thanks to a ball bearing drive.
  • Longer counter-weight bracket greatly reduces vibration.
  • 15″ base eliminates “knuckle-smacking” while winding.
  • Tall, soft rubber feet prevents the winder from sliding and scratching your table.
  • Special drive belt material makes for less slipping while making a ball.
  • Extra long table clamp secures the winder to a variety of table surfaces.

Note: These beauties are only available in store.

– Melissa