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In 2008 when I first learned to knit I had the good fortune of having the support and kindness of a lovely local yarn shop called Ariadne in the Saint Henri district of Montreal. After taking a Knitting 101 class and finishing my first scarf (a 2×2 rib that was so tight it practically stood up on its own), then moving on to a textured throw, I was ready for something more challenging! With the help of one of the shop owners, I chose the very famous Clapotis pattern by Kate Gilbert and a 100% silk fingering weight yarn.


(Photo: Kate Gilbert)

With my yarn all wound up, my addi Lace tip needles in tow, and a free afternoon ahead of me, I headed over to the shop so that Mary could help me get started on this very serious adventure! To my surprise, Kate, the pattern designer was in the store paying a visit. Little did I know that she was a fellow Montrealer and friends with Mary and Molly Ann! I felt a little nervous and intimidated starting my project with Kate next to me, however, she was generous with her advice and guidance, and gave me the confidence to understand how to read my knitting and fix my mistakes.

As a little side note – The Clapotis remains one of the most popular patterns on Ravelry, with 22 531 projects to date, and my Silky Clapotis has stood the test of time, continuing to be a popular sample in our store. I am actually toying with the idea of knitting another one in a new-to-us yarn, Findley from Juniper Moon, a silk laceweight, which shows that the Clapotis can be knit with any yarn that tugs at your heartstrings!


Sitting at the table with Kate, we began talking about her Twist Collective project, an online knitting magazine which had just launched and whose idea ?came from a desire to bring talented designers and writers together, to give them a beautiful showcase for their work, and (to) pay them fairly?.

Often, we hear customers surprised that the pattern they wish to knit has a fee attached to it, however, we remind them that a designer spent many hours creating, knitting, correcting and reknitting the design, and by charging for a pattern the designer is then afforded the opportunity to continue to exercise their craft, make a living wage, and provide us with lovely designs which we ourselves could not produce.

Twist Collective is published 3 times a year (Winter, Spring, Fall) and provides the knitting community with stunning patterns for purchase and thoughtful articles about our craft. Twenty six issues later, it has succeeded in bringing original designs to our attention, and Kate Gilbert, the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, continues to be the guiding light and visionary behind this online magazine. We are always happy to see Kate when she pops into our store and to find out what she has in the pipeline and what?s on her needles! Twist Collective continues to inspire and inform and I encourage you to see what it is all about!

Click here to visit TWIST COLLECTIVE  🙂

– Lisa