New project: Light Turtleneck Sweater February 14, 2017 – Posted in: Project Ideas, Store Samples


Although this project isn’t a store sample (it’s all mine), it ranks high on the “favourite things I’ve knit for myself” list and so I feel its worth blogging 🙂 The pattern is the Light Turtleneck Sweater by Anna & Heidi Pickles – a straighforward raglan style that is quick and simple to knit and easily customizable. The turtleneck, extra long sleeves, and fluffy halo of the fabric all appealed to me and, after a little process of weighing all my options, I decided to knit this with the very affordable Drops Alpaca (colour #7895) stranded with the very luxurious Shibui Silk Cloud (colour Field). The fabric created by the blend of alpaca with silk and mohair is deliciously warm and light with enough structure that I have confidence the sweater will retain its shape over time.  I opted for a much shorter body length than called for in the pattern and love the juxtaposition of this length with the longer sleeves which actually come partway down the hand. Modern, casual, and chic – I look forward to making another one or two of these in different colours to round out my turtleneck wardrobe!

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–  Melissa