Lykke Needle Sets and Laine Magazine just re-stocked February 15, 2017 – Posted in: Books, Magazines, Online store, Re-stocked

It was a good mail day!

Lykke Driftwood Interchangeable Needle Sets


Made of strong birch wood, the LYKKE Driftwood needles are smooth and light and a true pleasure to work with. With their warm character, these handsome sets are easy on the hands and the eyes Each interchangeable set includes 12 durable pairs of needle tips ? sizes 3.5 mm through 12 mm (US4 ? US 17). Each set also contains two cords for 24 in length, two cords for 32 in length, one cord for 40 in length, two connectors, two keys, and eight stoppers. Packed in a beautiful, high quality waxed denim case.

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Laine Magazine – Issue 1


LAINE MAGAZINE WELCOMES YOU INTO THE WORLD OF NORDIC KNIT LIFE. Laine is a high-quality Nordic knit & lifestyle magazine for knit folks. We cherish natural fibres, slow living, local craftsmanship, and beautiful, simple things in life. Our intention is to inspire you to gather and share, to be part of a community of like-minded knitters, makers and thinkers from near and far. Knitting is more than just knit, knit, purl. It is a feeling.

Laine includes 11 patterns from leading knitwear designers such as Joji Locatelli, Stephen West, and Helga Isager, as well as insightful, long-format stories, interviews, exciting travel articles, seasonal recipes and strong, visual storytelling.

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–  Melissa