New and re-stocked: Leather Handles, Rinn Textiles, TSA Approved Scissors, Snap n’ Go Cases, Digital Row Counters! May 17, 2017 – Posted in: New in Store, Re-stocked

Forager Flat Strap Screw-in Handles from Jul Designs

How genius are these? Removable leather bag handles!

Forager Screw-in Handles are a maker’s go-to handles to complete handmade bags in virtually any material. These handles are made in the USA from high-quality leather with rounded edges and edge-painting for a classy and sleek look. Forager handles screw-in for fast finishing and easy removal to launder handmade bags or move to a new project. The screw-holes may also be used for rivets if you prefer permanent attachment.

28 inches.
Sold in pairs.

Available in Black and Truffle.

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Brass Drop Stitch Markers from Rinn Textiles

We are in love with these new stitch markers from Rinn Textiles – so elegant but with an earthy, rustic feel!

Large Brass Drop Stitch Markers

The Large Brass Drop Stitch Markers are perfect for your heavier weight projects. Each marker is perfectly smooth and won’t snag your knitting. Use markers with a charm to mark the beginning of your round and plain markers for any other stitch/inc/dec you’ll need to remember.

Package includes 5 large markers with charm and 10 plain large markers
Set of 15 markers total
Brass finish
Fit up to 9mm/US13 needles

Small Brass Drop Stitch Markers

The Small Brass Drop Stitch Markers are perfect for your lighter weight projects like socks and shawls. Each marker is perfectly smooth and won’t snag your knitting. Use markers with a charm to indicate your beginning of round and plain markers to indicate any other stitch/increase/decrease you’ll need to remember.

Package includes 5 markers with charm and 15 plain markers
Set of 20 drops total
Brass finish
Fit up to 5mm/US8 needles

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Fiskars Folding Travel Scissors

Fiskars folding travel scissors are made of stainless steel for long lasting durability and sharp accurate cutting. Folding handles make storage and transportation convenient. TSA Compliant.

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Jumbo-sized Snap ‘n Go Notions Cases? have eight little compartments to keep all your knitting and crocheting notions neatly separated. Organize your life in a snap and go! The first side features four small rectangular compartments that are perfect for storing stitch markers, buttons, and other tiny knitting notions. Flip apart the second half to reveal three long compartments that are great for holding things like stitch holders, darning needles, and point protectors. Finally, the big single compartment sandwiched in the center is perfect for larger items like mini crochet hooks, cable needles, T-pins, and tape measures. This compact little beauty has a hard, sturdy outer shell made of heavy-duty plastic. A hole for a lanyard or key chain is located near the hinge. Notions not included.

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A digital row counter is the perfect accessory for hands free counting while you knit or crochet. No more stopping to make a mark on a piece of paper or cranking a manual row counter. The electronic counter has a 5 digit LCD screen display that can count from 0 up to 99999 rows with 2 soft touch rubberized silver buttons to control it. Made from ABS plastic, the same material used for Lego. The row counter uses a standard AG10 1.5v button cell battery, so when it wears out, simply unscrew the back of the counter to replace it.

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–  Melissa