COMPANY IN THE MAKING March 26, 2020 – Posted in: General, Knit-Alongs, Miscellaneous, Project Ideas, Special Events

Social distancing can feel isolating, and it can be hard to know how to connect with others in these uncertain times. As we all stay inside and do our part to help slow the spread of COVID-19, what better way to feel part of something than to join a Makealong?

You may have seen knitalongs (KALs) and crochetalongs (CALs) already – “makealong” (MAL) provides an inclusive term that encompasses all crafts.

Several new makealongs have popped up on Ravelry and Instagram lately as more of us are committing to staying at home. These are a way to stay motivated on your projects, get inspiration for new ones, meet other crafters – and maybe even win prizes!

Le plus amusant? Les “makealongs” sont ouverts à tous ! Même si les forums sur Ravelry sont souvents en anglais, normalement vous pouvez utiliser les mots-clics sur Instagram pour participer et être admissible aux prix. Réunnisez quelques ami(e)s et joignez-vous aux autres pour tricoter ensemble !

Here are a few we’ve seen that are happening now. If we’ve missed any, please let us know in the comments!

KCM Ensemble (Knit City Montreal Ensemble)

Host: KCM Ensemble team
Conditions: This makealong is open to knitters and crocheters, and is aimed at supporting vendors from the delayed Knit City Montreal festival. Ce MAL est bilingue! Vous allez trouver toute l’information aux liens ci-dessous.

  • Cast on a new project in the craft of your choice (knitting, crochet, embroidery, sewing, weaving, spinning?) on March 27
  • Use yarn, a pattern, or notions from a Knit City Montreal vendor or instructor
  • The MAL runs until July 3.

Platform: Ravelry, Instagram and Facebook
Hashtags: #kcmensemble #waitingforkcmtogether #enattendantkcmensemble
Prizes: Donations from Knit City Montreal vendors will be given to random winners via platform.

My Little Secret Crop MKAL (Mystery Knitalong)

Host: Jessie Mae Designs
Conditions: Knit the My Little Secret mystery crop top – a free pattern on Ravelry.
Platform: Instagram and Ravelry
Hashtags: #jessiemaedmysterykal2020

DreaReneeKnits Sweater Knitalong

Host: Andrea Mowry
Conditions: Knit a sweater pattern from DreaReneeKnits.

  • Started on March 12, but ongoing!
  • Cast on a new sweater, or pick up a WIP.
  • Ends May 22

Platform: Instagram and Ravelry
Hashtags: #drksweaterkal
Prizes: To be revealed!

Spring KAL

Host: Julie Asselin
Conditions: Use any yarn to stitch an addition to your spring wardrobe.

  • Started March 20, but new entries are still eligible
  • Ends May 31
  • Start a Ravelry project page for each entry, and enroll in the Ravelry thread (link below) – share pictures, chat, and join in!
  • Prizes for finished objects and WIPs!

Platform: Instagram and Ravelry
Hashtags: #JulieAsselinSpringMAL20
Prizes: To be revealed!

Orange Love KAL

Host: Gaye Glasspie
Conditions: Use any yarn to stitch an addition to your spring wardrobe.

  • Knit the Orange Love Poncho (it doesn?t have to be orange)
  • Runs from March 15 to April 26
  • Join GG’s Ravelry group and respond as GOING to the KAL “party”
  • Upload finished objects to the Ravelry thread by May 1, when prizes are drawn.

Platform: Instagram and Ravelry
Hashtags: #gglovesorangekal
Prizes: 12 prizes for those who knit the poncho, more prizes for anyone who knits anything orange!

Don’t Sweat It MAL

Host: The Grocery Girls
Conditions: Knit or crochet a summer garment or accessory

  • Use a warm-weather yarn like cotton, linen, bamboo, or laceweight
  • Started March 5 but join at any time! Runs until August 30
  • WIPs are welcome

Platform: Ravelry

Colour Riot KAL

Host: Tanis Lavallee
Conditions: The only criteria is that you need to be knitting something colourful and something that makes you happy!

Platform: Ravelry – but share projects on Facebook and Instagram too!
Hashtags: #TFAColourriotKAL

Slip Stitch Along

Host: Stephen West
Conditions: Choose between three Stephen West patterns – the Painting Bricks Shawl, Fantastitch, or Mosaic Musings to knit along during the month of April!
Platform: Ravelry
Hashtags: #slipstitchalong
Prizes: Prizes/giveaway options at the end of the KAL!

Covid KAL

Host: Kim Loves Yarn
Conditions: No rules! Just knit (or crochet!) something that makes you happy.
Platform: Instagram
Hashtags: #covidkal
Prizes: Kim will give a skein of yarn to a random winner at the end of the pandemic.

We hope you enjoy stitching along with others! Stay safe and happy knitting!