Espace Tricot, Cité d’Or Cape

CAD $273.35

(USD $205.01)


The Cité d’Or Cape is a light and fluffy take on our original Subtle Interruption Shawl. Knit holding a light fingering weight yarn together with a laceweight mohair blend yarn, Cité d’Or takes the shape of an isosceles trapezoid where stitches are increased every right side row and the stockinette fabric is interrupted by a slipped-stitch pattern. We love the sophisticated halo affect that comes from stranding with mohair and this particular combination creates a light fabric with beautiful drape that will wrap the wearer in a cocoon of warmth.



Main colour 1 (MC1):
Biches & Bûches Le Petit Lambswool (248m/270y per 50 gr skein)
Size 1: 4 skeins
Size 2: 5 skeins
Colour ‘Dark Gold’

Main colour 2 (MC2):
Isager Silk Mohair (212m/232y per 25 gr skein)
Size 1: 5 skeins
Size 2: 6 skeins
Colour ’68 – Olive’

Contrast colour (CC):
Isager Silk Mohair (212m/232y per 25 gr skein)
Size 1: 1 skeins
Size 2: 2 skeins
Colour ’63 – Oak’