HiyaHiya – Single Point Adapter Set


CAD $34.95

(USD $26.21)


The perfect addition to your HiyaHiya Interchangeable needle set, these Single Point Adapter sets makes it easy to start a small project on the go or to simply have more verstility by turning your interchangeable needles into single point needles.

This Single Point Adapter Set is compatible with all 4-inch and 5-inch HiyaHiya Interchangeable kits, and depending on the interchangeable needle length and extenders used, single needle lengths will vary.

The SMALL set compatible with all HiyaHiya small size kits – needle sizes 2.75 mm (US2) – 5.0 mm (US8).

The LARGE set is compatible with all HiyaHiya large size kits – needle sizes 5.5 mm (US9) – 10.0 mm (US15).

This set includes:

2x Panda Stoppers

2x 3.5-inch Single Point Adapters

2x 3.5-inch Single Point Extenders

2x 2-inch Single Point Extenders



Type: Interchangeable