Ito Bindery, Memo Block

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(USD $18.00)


Ito Bindery was established as a book binding company in 1938 in Tokyo, Japan, and the second and third generation of this family owned business have now turned their focus to designing and manufacturing high-quality Memo blocks and Drawing pads. Employing skilled craftspeople who are experts in precision cutting and finishing work, Ito-Bindery still uses solid old-fashion tools and machines along with hand work to ensure that they maintain a connection between the past and the present and honour the history of their family tradition. Ultimately the goal of Ito-Bindery as they partnered with designers to develop a new line of products was to create a series of stylish yet utilitarian products that were practical enough for everyday use and beautiful enough to be displayed in your home and on your desk.

These modern memo blocks are made with silky smooth paper and the edges are precision cut to create a simple, modern object that begs to be admired. Sitting atop a recycled cardboard base, the 350 tear-off sheets will allow you to write endless memos, notes and doodles. Choose between 2 sizes and a variety of colours.

Small: 4.25 x 4.25 x 1.5 in.
Medium: 5.75 x 4.25 x 1.5 in.

350 sheets