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Katrunkles, Adjustable Pom Pom Maker

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Does your knitting pattern call for a pom pom embellishment? If so, Katrinkles has the perfect little tool to help make them. This cute dachshund pom pom tool is the perfect size to toss into your project bag. With easy instructions laser etched right on the tool, this will make pom pom making a breeze. The dachshund’s body extends to make a 2 in., 3 in., or 4 in. pom pom!

Instructions for this cute tool are as follows:

Fasten the pins provided into the holes adjacent to your desired pom pom length

Wrap an equal length and width of yarn around each leg

While the yarn is still wrapped, tie it tightly in the middle

Unfasten the right pin and slide the pom pom off the end of the tool

Tie yarn again, even tighter around the middle, then cut the looped end and trim it round

Made from locally sourced birch plywood and hand finished in Providence RI.