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Kaweco, Fountain Pen Glow Marker Set


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The Kaweco Fountain Pen Glow Marker Set is a lightweight pocket pen that has been transformed into a highlighter with the included bright yellow ink cartridges and a 1.9 mm steel nib. Measuring just over 4 in. (10 cm) this pen is part of the Kaweco Ice collection and has a sturdy plastic body with silver accents. The screw off cap can be posted to transform this highlighter into a full-size pen that provides for bold highlights over important words and sentences. The Glow Marker may also be used as a Calligraphy pen with any coloured ink.

Each Glow Marker Set comes with one yellow highlighter cartridge as well as a box of 6 additional highlighter cartridges, an instructional manual, a Kaweco sticker and a sleek black metal storage tin.

Note that the highlighter ink does not smudge ink jet, laser jet, ballpoint, water/gel based inks when completely dry, as well as pencil marks.